99 Bottles of Alcohol

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99 Bottles of Alcohol Empty 99 Bottles of Alcohol

Post by Inflexi_Girl on Fri Feb 22, 2008 3:07 pm

I brought this over from JN. I think it died over there. Or maybe the mods deleted it. But it has been reincarnated on NR!

Rules: Just like the song. But you substitute different types of alcohol (and the vessel they are contained in). And you count down from 99, of course. I shall start:

99 shooters of rum on the wall,
99 shooters of rum!
Take one down, pass it around (or not)...

J'aime les ananas.

For you silly Anglophiles, it means that I like pineapples.

If your post was deleted, it was most probably me. And I'm proud to admit it. Very Happy

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